About us

Sky Gulf Training Center was established in the Governorate of Suwaiq in the Sultanate of Omanaiming to hold professional and technical training and development courses, in recognition of the importance of developing human resources and developing skills in various fields.

This is reflected positively on the performance of employees and their effectiveness in work. And its promotion to achieve comprehensive development plans in accordance with the realization of Vision 2030


Providing training programs and workshops acecording to the latest training standards, as well as providing training and development services with reasonable fees suitable for institutions and individuals.

Vision :

Sky Gulf Training Center should be a leader in providing training services and be continuous in providing high quality in training fields and strive to improve the level of individuals and be a model to be followed at the local and international level.


Innovation, efficiency, teamwork, outstanding service, commitment to excellence, continuous development


Our goal is to provide participants with courses and practical work skills and to be provided with the means to enable the practical application of their experience and skills gained from the training process.

Contractual Programs:

We offer a set of carefully selected training programs to reach the highest level of performance through the development of concepts, managerial skills, leadership, self-skills, scientific and professional preparation for managers and senior staff both inside and outside the organization.

Individual training programs:

These rotations are customized and individually tailored to individuals who are looking to improve their abilities in a particular area of ​​work

Our training programs:

Marketing, sales and customer service programs
Office and secretarial programs
Accounting and financial programs
Human resources management programs
Leadership and management programs
Media and Public Relations Programs
Programs of security, occupational health and civil defense
Information technology programs
Software Engineering
Law programs
Environmental programs
Educational programs

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